The building process, especially if you haven’t built before, can be a little intimidating. And every builder does it a little differently. Here’s a brief outline of what to expect along the way when you build with McVeigh Homes.

STEP 1: You’ve Found Your Block of Land

After much searching you’ve finally found a block of land to build your new home. Michael will meet you on the block to give you advice on what kind of home will suit the block (if you are undecided) and talk about access to the block, any anticipated challenges or additional costs, budget, and timeframes. He will be able to ascertain any possible challenges that might arise depending on the slope of the land, the aspect and positioning of the build. These all play a part in timeframes and budget.

STEP 2: Making Plans

You may already have your plans from an architect or draftsperson or alternatively, McVeigh Homes can work with you on your design with Trevor, the draftsman.  Clients value Michael’s knowledge and experience when it comes to building options. Michael offers considered, practical options to make the most of your block’s aspect, views and other parts of the building process.

McVeigh Homes can work with you from start to finish and work to your budget. At this stage, all aspects of the job and costs are clearly documented, along with any variations along the way, which is critical for a smooth process.

STEP 3: Along the Way

Generally a weekly or fortnightly meeting with clients on site takes place to talk through critical stages of the build – rough-ins, electrical, plumbing, air-conditioning, windows, bathrooms and kitchens, painting etc. It is at this stage that we can talk about any variations or changes that you might need for your home. At the right stage, many of these changes can be incorporated for no or very little extra cost.

STEP 4: Handing Over the Keys

You’ve been waiting for this moment. Your beautiful new house is ready. At the end of the process, our focus is for every client to be happy with the process and have a house that meets (and exceeds) your expectations.