McVeigh Homes enjoyed being involved with this detailed heritage / new build project located at Bardon. The original site consisted of a single house on one large block.

The project started with the block of land being split into two and the original house moved across to sit nicely on one of the newly created blocks.

This house was completely renovated on the inside, with the exterior facade given a gentle facelift, retaining all of its old-world charm and beauty while staying within the character constraints set in place by the Brisbane City Council.

A second house was then constructed from the ground up on the newly created block, with a new firewall separating the two dwellings.

Retaining walls were also built on both blocks. These were an important element of the site to provide adequate drainage to both blocks and to create a level back yard to both properties which allowed for stunning in-ground swimming pools to be installed and complete the project.

Overall, an exceptional result. Both homes display completely different exteriors, yet complement each other beautifully. The clients were thrilled with the results and McVeigh Homes was proud to be involved. The results speak for themselves.